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* This weblog provides an "online notebook" to provide comments on current events, interesting items I run across, and the occasional musing. It promotes no particular ideology. Remarks may be left on the site comment board; all sensible feedback is welcome.

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* ANOTHER MONTH: I have noticed when reading news websites that the pages will sometimes have lists of interesting news from elsewhere on the web. On occasion, there will be lists titled "Around The Web" or "Recommended For You", which will reference obscure websites such as "My Dot Comrade" or "Odometer". On checking them, they seem to invariably be pages with minimal content and maximum ads, all pretty much in the same format. The referrals, it seems, are coordinated by two competing Israeli companies, "Outbrain", and "Taboola". Whether they have legitimate activities or not, I have learned to ignore anything with their stamps on it.

* One of the satisfactions of publishing ebooks for Amazon Kindle is that it means I am now a published author. Granted, it's toy publishing, but it is publishing nonetheless. Amazon Kindle Direct performs all the mechanics of production, sales, and distribution of my ebooks, and it's not a vanity press -- I don't pay them, they take their cut and hand me a royalty. Granted, Amazon's editorial oversight is minimal, but there are print publishers like that, too, if not particularly reputable ones.

So now I am listing "Amazon Kindle Direct" as the publisher of my ebooks. A bit of a conceit, from a little person on the rock bottom of the pyramid? Yes, but I can't think of a reason why I couldn't or shouldn't. Self-published ebooks are a real and growing sector of the books business in the 21st century; to the extent I get a very modest distinction out of it, it's a distinction nonetheless.

* I was updating my 35-chapter JFK ASSASSINATION document for a re-release in October. I was proof-reading a chapter, and was suddenly overcome by weariness and disgust: The world does not care about the JFK assassination any more; the only people who do care are crazy; nobody reads this document; it's a bore to re-read. I decided to delete it from the website.

I had considered that I would do so eventually when I originally posted it; when the notion came back to me, I decided to do so with little hesitation. So much for over two years of work. It was actually something of a relief to kill it off. I couldn't stomach reading it again.

I didn't completely give up. I had written a one-chapter introduction to the assassination, which I have now extended to two chapters to add an overview of conspiracy lore. Instead of wading through all the nonsense, I took a "three strikes you're out" approach, focusing on the more prominent claims of conspiracists, dismantling them, and saying all the rest isn't any better. I'm retaining the short document on my website. I'd actually already written the two-chapter document as a Kindle ebook -- and I think I might have sold two copies of it, year to date. Superstition's not the way.

* Thanks to three readers for donations to support the websites last month. They are very much appreciated.